Trip to London : The Design Museum - Lycée Blaise Pascal Rouen

Trip to London : The Design Museum

, par AlexisB

Design Museum

When we arrived in front of the Design Museum, we saw the outside of the museum which is very modern. Inside, there is the Ground Floor which is the foyer of the museum where there are the shop and the café. In this Museum, all is design and classy : even the toilets are beautiful !

On the 1st Floor, there was an exhibition called "Kenneth GRANGE Making Britain Modern". There were some objects designed by Kenneth Grange ranging from the Kodak camera (1960) to the Intercity 125 (The British Rail’s High Speed Train (HST) designed in 1975), without forgetting the toothbrush, the Kenwood mini mixer (1978) and the Black Cab (1996).

Next, we went to the 2nd Floor which presents semi-exhibition on historic design. The exhibition presented was called "THIS IS DESIGN". There was a very interesting numerical clock. You can even see how it works if you go behind it. Then there was a small exhibition about material and how it grows old (change of colors, solidity, resistance…). Next to this, there were some objects to show the evolution of progress of : cellphone, computer, video-game, chairs, advertising…
The only goal of Mr. Grange was to redesign basic objects to increase the beauty of London’s life !

To learn more about the Design Museum, clic here.

By Alexis.B & Thibaut.P


Outside of the Museum A design chair