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Trip to London : The natural history museum... a glimpse into one british museum

, par baudoinf, C. Reymond

During the time we had to eat on the Wednesday of the trip to London, I decided to visit the Natural History Museum of London, which is free and located near the place we visited in the morning : the Science Museum.
I have completely visited only two rooms in the museum but I have also strolled in the rest of the museum.


So the first room I have completely visited was the minerals gallery : there are a lot of stones coming from all over the world and almost all type of stones or geological apparition which exist nowadays.


And the second room was the Fossil Marine Reptiles gallery : there are a lot of skeletons or reconstitution of skeletons of extinct species of animals.

Diplodocus skeleton
Fossil of Marine Reptiles
skeleton of a marine reptile

Before this gallery you can see a Glyptodon (an animal you can see in the movie “Ice Age 1”), it is the ancestor of the Armadillo which live nowadays.


This museum has a huge collection ; it is very interesting to see how much British museums are different from our French museums.
For example we can compare the natural history museum of London with the Natural History Museum in Paris which is the most similar to this of London. In Paris it is not free whereas in London it is almost free (you have to pay only for the exhibition rooms). In the same way in France most of the museums are free if you are a student but it’s only for students, which is better than nothing…
I have also noticed that in French museumS there is no noise or not much while in the British ones the noise is present everywhere in all museums we have visited during the trip. Perhaps there is aN exception to this observation. In the Tate Modern museum there is a room that we have visited with our guide James where silence is required : the room of the painter Mark Rothko who requiered that if he gave some of his painting to this museum he wanted this room to be quiet, free and also that his paintings would be always showed to the public in a special room for his creation.
After this observation, I asked myself how people who visit museum in London can read something or hear the guide (if they have one), understand or learn something in that noise because it’s a fact that we cannot learn something in noise.
I imagine that when people who visit or guides who do the visit come back home, the first must have a ferocious migraine and the second need a syrup because of their loss of voice. The only advantage for these people is that they cannot after that yell on their better half or on their children if they have any…..