10 Questions to an Australian Girl - Lycée Blaise Pascal Rouen

10 Questions to an Australian Girl

, par C. Reymond, Estelle T.

10 Questions to an Australian Girl :-)

I’ve been to Australia during the summer holidays for about three weeks. Then I received an Australia correspondent at my home for more than a month. Actually it was my sister’s correspondant, so she went to Flaubert High School. She flew back to Australia a month ago. I’m now wondering what she remembers from France and how she feels about our country.

  • 1.) When I tell you “France”, what first comes to your mind ?

When you say France, I think of your house and Mont Saint Michel. I also think of the food !

  • 2.) What will stay the most surprising thing that French people do ?

I think the thing that shocked me the most was how there was bread at every meal ! ALL THE TIME ! I will never forget that. I love bread !

  • 3.) You lived during a month in a French family, surrounded by French people 24h/day, Did you find that the french mentality is different from the Australians’ ? Do the French people do things that you guys don’t even think about ?

The french people do not talk as much as Australians. If we meet a stranger on the street and we are walking past them we will say ‘hello’ whereas in France, I didn’t see any of that. Also, French people walk a lot. In Australia, it’s very hard to walk everywhere, because every place is so far away. Other than that, French people are exactly like Australians !

-* 4.) Since you left, does something French miss you ?

I really miss the way of life over there. For example the food, the places and the people. I miss my French family the most and being able to see new things.

-* 5.) In your daily life in Australia does something remind you France every time you do it ?


-* 6.) Today, when you think about your trip, would you like to have done things differently ?

I would have liked to do less school and maybe more exploring around Rouen !

-* 7.) It’s always interesting to have the point of view of someone from the “outside” so, what do you think about the French school system ?

I think honestly, it’s strange. Firstly, you guys have long days BUT we don’t get very many breaks and you do. Also, in Australia we tend to get close to the teachers and have a sort of bond with them. In the French school system, there did not seem to be anything like that.

-* 8.) You, Australian, are wearing a uniform for school, how did it feel to come to school with regular clothes ?

Honestly, it was difficult to find clothes to wear everyday haha ! I personally like having a uniform, it makes everyone equal ! AND you don’t have to wake up earlier to find clothes to wear. I did like the comfort aspect though.

-* 9.) How did the people react when you told them that you were coming from Australia ? Did they have some prejudices/stereotypes ?

Well, I got asked some pretty stupid questions. And yes some people did use stereotypes even though they didn’t know ANYTHING about Australia. People reacted differently. Some were excited to speak to someone from the other side of the world, and others used it as an opportunity to make fun of Australians.

-* 10.) In Australia (on the TV, the radio...) do they speak about France ? What did you discover about France that you are going to remember forever ?

In Australia, we do not really speak about France unless you are listening to the News. I discovered that France is full of wonderful places to visit and no matter where you go, there is always going to be something interesting there. I love how historic and different France is. I will be coming back Estelle. I really miss France. I would love to see you again.

Thank you very much Alysha for all this answers. I’m so happy to know you. You made me discover Australia a way that I can’t forget. Best wishes to all of you.