Our Trip to England - Lycée Blaise Pascal Rouen

Our Trip to England

, par C. Reymond, Coline Bodin

Our trip to England : evenings in the families

During our trip, we were hosted by families. We were two, three or four students by guest house, so we could help one another to discuss and communicate with the family.

The organization in the house was very different depending on the groups. In the morning, we woke up between 6:15 and 7:00 am, and we went to bed between 22:00 and midnight.

A lot of us ate alone ; the family didn’t eat with us. Indeed, English people don’t eat a meal with several courses, but they eat their main course at 6:00 pm, and eat another time at 8:00 or 9:00 pm. But often, they stayed with us to discuss, and they were curious about our life in France.

We didn’t eat any special breakfasts with bacon and eggs, but cereals, toasts, and tea. However, in the evening, a lot of us ate baked beans, big garden peas, etc... But some of luckier students ate chips, pizzas and pastas.

Those families are used to hosting students so they often have some rooms especially for us. For example, those who were two or three in a family were in the same bedrooms, but with twin beds or a bunk bed, but those who were four in the same family were in two separate rooms.

We thank a lot the families for this great week, because even if sometimes their habits seemed quite strange to us (for example that they didn’t eat together), it was a rewarding experience, and we are all happy to have lived it.

Edited by Eve-Anne Otero & Coline Bodin