What is the destiny of a frog eater in the Far West ? - Lycée Blaise Pascal Rouen

What is the destiny of a frog eater in the Far West ?

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My first presentation will by on an international topic, so I am going to tell you the story of my extraordinary trip
in the USA.
first I’ve made a contact with the family who would host me. After a couple of e-mails and many phone call
they told me that they would be very happy to accommodate me in their home. Note that I didn’t ask an organization to find a family for me , I wanted to do my own trip !
To tell you all, my host family is a longtime friend of my family. My Mom met them twenty years ago.
What’s nice is that they have three children and one boy is nineteen years old like me, so we were partner
all along my trip.
To start with, I’ve flown for 10 hours to reach Seattle and finally discover the United-States, but, in spite of my enthusiasm I could not do my first activity on this day because the length of the flight and the jet lag were too tiring for me. During my trip I’ve done many fun
activities, like fishing , diving and playing typical sport (baseball & football), but I believe that the two greatest
outings were the baseball game ( Seattle Vs Torronto ) that I saw in the huge Safeco fields, and the hiking trip to
Mount Rainier. Beyond these activities, I’ve discover the American spirit and I’ve made the acquaintance of many people who were very friendly with me, for example , when I was speaking in the street with a member of my host family, someone who heard me speak, asked me where I came from , because my accent sounded funny to them. Later, I’ve visited the Museum of Flight, and it was an enjoyable moment to see the evolution of plane history, moreover this museum has one original Concorde plane ( there remains only 18 of them in the world ) and I got on this fabulous plane. Apart from that, I often went to Bothell with the younger son to meet his friends to laugh and play soccer near the Washington lake. what’s more when I had more time I went to Seattle, which is very difficult to do : to go to Seattle we took the bus or we hitchhiked. Once in Seattle we went to the city center to see the space needle and the downtown buildings , it was so impressive that it was mind blowing ! The feeling when you’re in a country where nobody speaks your language is weird, nonetheless it’s pleasant when you begin to think in English, because that means you progress. These three weeks very far away from my family made me indepedent, moreover this experience showed me that I can get organised and I now think that could live in another country when I am an adult.